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had an awesome night out last night with this sexy lady, even if the 45min bus journey home was horrendous thanks to a large rowdy Christmas party who decided to carry on drinking Irish cream liquor on the bus, and I was crammed into that one seat where there isn’t quite enough leg room!

I’m just so tired of everything, literally and metaphorically.

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I wish I could use this more; I don’t even know what free time is anymore, it’s like I’ve gone from one extreme to another, having too much spare time on my hands to barely having enough time to stop and think!

I just want a few days off, a few days to myself, then I might feel like a human again instead of a worker robot.


Missing the girl <3 
Cant wait to see her this weekend!
She makes me a very happy boy, more than she knows

awwww Saturday cannot come soon enough!



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waiting for the bleach to work

I caved!

totally normal day at work…

definitely buying both of these on pay day!